Murano Glass Chandelier

Euroluce Milano Italy

I meet Andrea Mazzega for the first time. After the introductions and shaking of hands, we skip the usual pleasantries and he offers me a coffee.
He is has to deal with a series of quick phone-calls, allowing me time to look around me and get used to the context. I immediately sense I am in the space of an international man, one used to travelling a lot.
His study contains the bare essentials for his work; everywhere there are glass items, frames, prototypes of what will become Murano art works.
A 50 x 30 cm black-and-white photo catches my eye. He ends a call and I quiz him on it.

“That’s an old family photo. There’s my grandfather, Victor Angelo Mazzega, founder of Mazzega 1946 in the early ’50s.” He begins to recount. “My father, instead, is the third from the left. The photo’s important because you can see the first chandeliers we made. Next year we are turning 70, you know.”
I ask how the way they work has changed since his grandfather’s times. “Very little really – and yet so much. Mazzega 1946’s work is always about hand-crafted Murano Glass-Art. Of course, the fast developments in technology and the adjustments to customers’ needs mean we must come to terms with advancing progress. Which is why we work together with internationally-renowned designers who share the Mazzega 1946 philosophy: aiming to bring together tradition and technology, while being aware that hand-made Murano glass must be the starting point of a product which is, in itself 100% made in Italy”.
I thank him for his time and we shake hands again. Glancing one last time at the black and white photo, I leave Andrea Mazzega’s studio, taking with me a piece of history and family.